Genesis Directories

The following are from Nick the Geek with his Genesis tutorials at:  and describe the the Genesis directories.

Genesis: contains all files and directories. The files exposed in this directory are general template files, mostly loading other files in the framework. The header.php and footer.php are core framework files with hooks.

  • images: all the images used with the Genesis theme, since you should be using a child theme this doesn’t do much
  • lib: contains the core files for the Framework, the init.php file loads all the other files and the framework.php file contains the core hooks used by the framework
    • admin: files related to admin operations
      • images: images used in the admin part of the site
    • classes: files with php classes used by the theme
    • css: loads styles for the admin section of the site
    • functions: general or helper functions used in the theme and child themes. I will be writing a post that discusses many of these in the future
    • js: handles script loading for the theme, includes admin, comment, and menu scripts
    • languages: handles translation files
    • shortcodes: all the short codes built into the theme
    • structure: handles the output on the front end of the site, the remainder of this article will be dealing with this directory
    • tools: tools used by Genesis to handle some special functions
    • widgets: the theme specific widgets

File Structure Directory:

  • archive.php: has actions specific to archive pages like the archive title output
  • comments.php: has actions specific to the comments on the site like the comment form
  • footer.php: the footer actions, including the new widgeted footer
  • header.php: the actions that load on hooks in the header.php including the site title
  • layout.php: actions that handle loading the sidebars
  • loops.php: handles the 3 loops available in Genesis: standard, custom, and grid loops
  • menu.php: controls the menu output
  • post.php: essentially this is everything that loads inside the loop
  • search.php: actions specific to search pages
  • sidebar.php: the hooks and actions that create the sidebars if they are loaded by the layout.php file

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