Pre-Flight Checklist

Here is a Pre-Flight Checklist that I put together from information contained in the study material. This is probably not an all encompassing checklist but rather, what I was able to gather from the study materials.

Aircraft contains required Documents and FAA Information

  • Airworthiness Certificate?
  • Registration Certificate?
  • Operating Limitations which include:¬†Speeds,¬†Weight, Types of Operation?
  • Weight and Balance Allowable Limits?

Aircraft Condition and Structure

  • Are there any visible cracks?
  • Is there abnormal wear and tear?
  • Are there any missing components?
  • Is there any damage to the aircraft?

Aircraft Surroundings

  • Is there any loose debris that may be from the aircraft (nuts, bolts, glass, metal)?
  • Are there any fluids under or near the aircraft (oil, fuel)?

Fluids & Fuel

  • Is fuel sufficient and correct fuel type for destination and/or diversion/weather?
  • Are the fluids contaminated by water or other substance?

Ensure the Aircraft have an Unobstructed Movement

  • Have the Tie-Downs been removed?
  • Have the wheel chocks been removed?
  • Has the control lock been removed?
  • Has the Pitot Tube cover been removed?
  • Taxi Path is clear from objects in front of the aircraft including wings & wheels?
  • Is the pilot seat adjusted for visibility?