Pre-Flight Safety Checklist

This is part of the pre-flight safety section and represents the safety portion of the pre-flight safety checklist. This is mainly going to pertain to the prop in regards to the safety but will have a few other areas that are in this list.

Prior to/during the Pre-Flight Inspection.

  • Always keep head/arms, feet, hands or anything away from the path of the propeller
  • If/When moving prop, use full hands and not fingers
  • Engine is off
  • Key is not in ignition and is in plain sight
  • Throttle is pulled all the way out  – in the closed position

Pre-Flight Inspection Occurs

After Pre-Flight Inspection & before starting the engine

  • Ensure everything is clear from the prop
  • Visually inspect the surrounding area for people, animals, equipment, etc
  • Yell “Clear Prop” & wait enough time for a response
  • Fasten seat belt and safety harness