Special Flight Permits

A special flight permit is one type of Special Airworthiness Certificate that is issued for a specific flight and often called a “ferry permit”.

This special flight permit may be issued for an aircraft that cannot meet the current applicable airworthiness requirements but is otherwise capable of safe flight for the following purposes:

  • flying to a facility for repairs, alterations, maintenance or storage.
  • delivering new aircraft to the base of a purchaser or to a storage point
  • conducting production flight tests
  • evacuating an aircraft from impending danger
  • conducting customer demonstration flights in new production aircraft that have passed or completed production flight tests
  • excess weight operations such as extra fuel for flight beyond normal range (oceanic crossings)

An example request for a special permit may be:

  • aircraft does not meet airworthiness standards due to a broken or missing instrument
  • needs to be evacuated for impending severe weather such as an approaching hurricane

An additional example would be:

  • failure of required equipment such as one of the two fuel gauges where one gauge is installed for each tank and the other is working properly but there are no maintenance facilities at the remote location and the return home is easily within range for the remaining tank to be sufficient and both tanks are full.

Obtaining a Special Permit (Ferry Permit)

  • a request is submitted to the local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) (form 8130-6 online and may be faxed)
  • The FAA may inspect the aircraft or require you to have a mechanic/repair station inspect in which the inspection must be noted in the aircraft records.