When Ready to Takeoff

Here is the procedure when ready to takeoff:

Before Takeoff

  • Taxi onto runway
  • Establish Crosswind Direction
  • Use the Centerline for reference
  • Start the Takeoff Roll
  • Apply Full Power
  • Check That Engine Indicators are in the Green
  • Use Rudder as Necessary

At Takeoff Speed

  • Let aircraft lift itself off the runway
  • Pitch the aircraft (Just below 10 Degrees)
  • Right Rudder

Once Safe Climb is Established

  • Verify that the aircraft is coordinated
  • Retract flaps if used
  • Make sure you are going straight

Crosswind Takeoff

  • Use Aileron Control into the wind
  • Point the wheel into the direction of the wing
  • Gradually reduce Aileron control as speed is gained